I enjoy very few things, my general thought process on having a hobby is that no one should have one unless it somehow benefits other people. I have always thought that having a hobby as selfish and inconsiterate, why waste your time benefiting only yourself when you could be helping other people benefitting society in the mean-time. Assume the definition of a hobby is something that a person does for fun or in their leisure time, thinking deeper into this one is able to understand the selfishness involved in such an activity. If a person is doing something fun it only benefits themselves, the person neglects the considerations and thoughts of others meaning a person who has a hobbies cares only for themselves, meaning their are as selfish as a human can possibly be. However, assume that the definition of a hobby is anything a person will do willingly, by this standard it can be assumed that a person can have a hobby that benefits both the individual and society at large. An example of this sort of hobby would include a person voluntering at a homeless shelter out of the good of their heart. This person is completely willing to go spend their time in order to directly benefit other people. These sorts of hobbies will be the only thing listed on this page. My hobbies include:
Mathematics ( as it can be used to produce discoveries that can end up benefiting humanity and the world)
Politics (even though I am unable to vote based upon my current age restriction, I am an active person in the political community attempting to make other people understand the importance of politics in a properly functioning governement)
Science (this category also has benefits that almost identical to the benefits of mathematics in a society, in other words I can contribute to a better knowledge base within my community and a I can help to make discoveries that directly benefit society)
Computers (as the technological age deepens, our computers are becoming evermore important to the science and mathematics communities, that is why I use computers)


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